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Program launcher, search engine and calculator for Mac OS X
Mac OS X
December 17, 2010 11:50

About Alfred

Alfred is a (better) Spotlight alternative. Similar to Spotlight or the well-known Quicksilver Alfred allows to start by a shortcut. After tapping into the textbox Alfred starts search through the Mac and / or the Web and finds relevant results. To improve the results, the searchcan be adjusted by instructions. Thus, Alfred for example searches directly through Amazon, scoured the dictionary for the correct spelling or opens a file.


Intel mac
Alfred requires at least Mac OS X 10.5


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Mac app store

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Enable hidden features in Mac OS X
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Free Mind

Create mind maps on Mac OS X
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Clean up your Mac only by pressing one button
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Enable and disable system extensions of Mac OS X
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Starter, controller and search engine for many programs
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Program starter search engine for Mac OS X
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Feed-Reader for Mac OS X
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program starter as well as spotlight for older Mac OS X Versions

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