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Load and read News Feeds with Mac OS X on the iPod everywhere
Mac OS X
March 25, 2007 16:34

About iFeedPod

With iFeedPod you can download your news feeds (RSS or Atom feeds) to your iPod. All you need is an iPod that supports notes.

In the program, you can easily capture the feeds that you want to have on your iPod. If your iPod is mounted, so connected to your computer, you can run the synchronization directly from iFeedPod. You only have to press the Sync button in the software. The news articles are then transferred to your iPod. On your iPod, you will see the texts then deposited as notes.

A really great software! Unfortunately, on your iPod you cannot recognize which entries were already read before.


iFeedPod requires at least Mac OS X 10.3.9


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