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Mon(K)ey Kassenbuch

Cashier book with DATEV interface for Mac OS X
Mac OS X
July 01, 2007 21:54

About Mon(K)ey Kassenbuch

Monkey cashbook (formerly MonKey balance fund) is a software for accounting recording of all receipts. You only need to specify the date, the book text, the amount, the account and the nature of the cash flow and the Mon(K)ey cashbook assumes full booking with the assignment to the corresponding debit and credit accounts. For relevant evaluations offers Mon (K) ey cash on document lists, cash book, journal, account statement and balance lists. In addition, it offers a DATEV interface and the opportunity to create receipts out of the booking dialog.


Universal binary
Mon(K)ey Kassenbuch requires at least Mac OS X 10.7


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