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Picasa Tools for Mac

Find, organize and share photos on Mac OS X
Mac OS X
August 01, 2007 15:07

About Picasa Tools for Mac

Picasa for Mac Tools is a software bundle which allows you to manage your photos using Google's Picasa Web Album and to present them online.
If you are using iPhoto install the plugin and you can upload your pictures to the Picasa Web album.
If you do not use iPhoto, you can use the Picasa uploader, which lets you create and organizealbums by Drag`n`Drop, then you can upload them to the Picasa web album.
When uploading images you can choose between different image sizes and specify whether this is a public or private album.
To use the software, and the Google Picasa service, you need a Google Account.


Universal binary
Picasa requires at least Mac OS X 10.4 and optional iPhoto 4


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