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Viewing pictures and slideshows for Mac OS X
Mac OS X
March 24, 2008 00:13

About Sequential

With Sequential you can view the images from folders, files or web pages. Various sorting functions enables displaying images or image types.


Sequential requires at least Mac OS X 10.3.9


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Simmilar Software

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Play videos and DVDs on Mac OS X
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Phoenix Slides

Fast thumbnail-, slideshow- and image viewer for Mac OS X
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Fast image viewer and image browser for Mac OS X
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iPhone emulator for developer on Mac OS X
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Image Tricks Lite

Create and edit Pictures on Mac OS X
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Picasa Tools for Mac

Find, organize and share photos on Mac OS X
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Jasper's DRIMaker

Create DRI images on Mac OS X


Objets (images , pages web , etc.) measured on the screen under Mac OS X

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