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PDF-Viewers with many functions for Mac OS X
Mac OS X
July 18, 2007 18:56

About Skim

Skim is a program that allows you to view PDF files comfortably. Like the Mac OS X's Preview, Skim offers a search, presentation and a screenshot function.

In addition, with Skim you can save PDF Bookmarks, provide them with notes and highlights and convert PostScript files (PS) files into PDF.

Skim also supports PDFsync, AppleScript, Spotlight and the Apple Remote Control.


Skim requires at least Mac OS X 10.6


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Simmilar Software

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Open Office for Mac OS X
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Free Mind

Create mind maps on Mac OS X
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Adobe Acrobat Reader 8

Look at PDF documents, use them and put them online through Mac OS X
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Simple word processor for Mac OS X
Full a11dc285 a1ff 45f0 829b c0be77683c29

Combine PDFs

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Tomato Torrent

BitTorrent Client for Mac OS X
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Starter, controller and search engine for many programs
Full f0c27a9f 4534 4f39 97f8 6004cbebdc53


Media Center and Front Row alternative for Mac OS X

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