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Ring & Popup - Key notes on screen

**************************************** IMPORTANT NOTICE: Popup function is not supported by iOS 7.1, if your iPhone is iOS 7.1, please DO NOT buy ! As iOS 7.1 don't support for fullscreen incoming call picture, so the Popup function can't be...
Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015, 19:41 Uhr

Über Ring & Popup - Key notes on screen

Popup function is not supported by iOS 7.1, if your iPhone is iOS 7.1, please DO NOT buy !

As iOS 7.1 don't support for fullscreen incoming call picture, so the Popup function can't be realized. But we'll keep developing our APP, focusing on emotional human relationship management. Thanks for your support and understanding.

*** When incoming call, show important information in screen ***

Through the ages, everybody has hoped to realize screen popup function in iPhone. When customers, partners, relatives, or friends call them, some brief informative messages related to callers can be displayed on the screen, so that the owner can remember some important contents communicated with the other person involved.

Through long-term conception and development, the screen popup supporting iPhone finally appeared. We have made use of system function of iPhone creatively, realized screen popup function perfectly under the precondition of not going against safe limit of iPhone system, and assisted users in knowing important information of callers rapidly from screen within several seconds before receiving phone calls. Therefore, you can answer each important call elegantly under the environment where you communicated before.
From now on, you can face each call naturally and unrestrainedly even if your memory is not very good, saying good-bye to embarrassment caused by forgetting others’ key information.
Therefore, your all customers, colleagues, partners, friends, and relatives may look at your memory with new eyes!
In addition, your brain can relieve from heavy burden of memory and not memorize mechanically others’ information. Therefore, you can spend more time in pondering over more important life issues!

** Common scenes 1: Sales personnel or customer service staffs communicating with many customers **
Have you ever met with such conditions: customers call to inquire about previous quotation and product information, but you may be embarrassed for not remembering previous quotation details or communication details.
Do you carry on work book or install other notepad? Therefore, you can say customers’ detailed information with certainty. Have you ever hunt throw work book or switched to notepad to find experiences when customers called you?
With “Ring & Popup” APP, such embarrassed things will go for ever.
You can record such key information (texts, pictures, and positions) in application. When customers call you, recent record information, marked important information, customer’s head portrait, and type of the caller will be displayed on the screen automatically.
You can imagine it. Customer thought that you don’t know his detailed information when he called you two months later, and he planned to spend one minute in introducing himself, reviewing conditions of the last discussion, and the last quotation of products. However, you told all such conditions accurately before he started talking. Customers may feel that he is respected by you, except shock in your memory. Could it be said that your personal image and final deal possibility will be improved?
“Ring & Popup” APP is certain to be sales personnel’s essential tool.

** Common scenes 2. Calls from relatives and friends **
Haven’t you ever named spouse or children of your relatives and friends when they called you? Or have you ever forgotten time and place for the last meeting or discussed things? Or have you forgotten some up-to-date states of him?
Maybe, your friends are recalling coexistent times with you cheerfully, but you don’t know what to say, or you are afraid to influence the friendship with your friends for saying something wrong.
You may be embarrassed or even doubt about your friendship or your moral quality.

Any Feedback or questions, please contact us: [email protected]




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