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The new Apple iPhone 7

September 07, 2016 10:21

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

iPhone - AirPods

    The new Apple iPhone 7 reviewed here! Whats new and is it worth it to buy!?


    After months of industry speculation, the long-awaited Apple iPhone 7 will soon be released to the public. Many fans of this iconic device have been patiently waiting for what is in store and from what we have already seen, this newer model is certainly worthy of the iPhone name. Some of the most notable improvements are said to be a longer battery life, better cameras, an enhanced speaker system and a greater resistance to water. Although the ultimate verdict of this phone will be up to the consumer in question, it is still a good idea to take a brief look at some of the enhancements which Apple has incorporated into this latest model.

    Price and Shipping Times: The Bottom Line

    Before we delve into any specifics, it is always important to look at the price of the Apple iPhone 7 as well as the estimated shipping dates. At the time that this article was written, the cost of the phone was as follows:

    • The 32 GB model: £599 pounds.

    • The 128 GB model: £699 pounds.

    • The 256 GB model: £799 pounds.

    The official release date within the United Kingdom of this latest model from Apple is 16 September. Pre-ordering can begin on 9 September. Please note that after 23 September, the iPhone 7 will be released in an additional 30 different countries around the world.

    The New Design

    Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 7 boasts the very same sleek and streamlined look that has been embraced by its predecessors over the years. This new model is available in two new tones of black and "jet black" along with existing hues. The weight of this unit is now 138 grams (down from 143 grams associated with the 6S version). However, this may not be noticeable to the average user. One potentially game-changing advancement is that this series embraces what is known as IP67 protection against dust and water damage. This had been a sticking point with earlier models, as some users were disappointed at the relative fragility of a phone with such a high price tag. The only visible similarity between this and prior versions is the presence of a camera "bump" located on the rear. However, this bump is actually moulded within the aluminium frame. There should be little concern about discomfort or damage in this respect.

    Stereo Sound

    Apple has decided to include a sound system upgrade within the iPhone 7. One speaker is mounted at the top of the device while the other can be found at the bottom of the handset. Apple claims that this configuration increases the stereo-like sound of the phone; particularly when held up to one's ear. It is also said that this model offers twice the volume of the 6S. Not only will the phone be louder, but a wider dynamic range ensures that high-definition audio tracks can be played with crystal-clear precision. 

    No Headphone Jack?

    One of the biggest talking points involving the Apple iPhone 7 has been a complete removal of its standard headphone jack. These rumours had some users worried, as they were not certain what would serve as a replacement. Apple states that this model utilises a plug-in USB cord complete with a pair of Lightning EarPods (included with the purchase). This plug-and-play capacity is said to be extremely convenient and although the verdict is still out, it is hoped that the physical connection will be just as robust as a standard jack. 

    The Apple iPhone 7 Camera

    As we had mentioned earlier, Apple has also made improvements to the camera associated with the iPhone 7. A larger lens found on the rear of the unit offers resolutions as high as 12 megapixels. As if this were not enough, the front-facing camera has now been upgraded to support 7 megapixels of resolution. Optical image stabilisation (OIS) and as much as three times more exposure will certainly appeal to those who desire nothing less than high-quality pictures and recording capabilities. A final benefit of a larger lens can be seen in its efficiency. The wide aperture allows in up to 50 per cent more light and it is also 30 per cent more energy efficient; one of the reasons why the Apple iPhone 7 boasts a longer battery life than its predecessors.

    Longevity When Needed the Most

    As if all of the previous features were not enough, it is said that the Apple iPhone 7 is able to provide no less than two more hours of battery life when compared to the 6S. Considering that the overall weight of the phone has itself been reduced, this was no easy task. Users can now enjoy up to 40 hours of audio playback and an impressive 13 hours when utilising a wireless network. This strength should also translate directly to reception, as better power usage can help to increase signal strength within 3G and 4G networks.

    The Apple iPhone 7 Display

    As we should have expected, little was left to the imagination in terms of the display associated with the iPhone 7. However, it is worthwhile noting that the company has not changed the size of the screen or its resolution. This model offers a 4.7-inch screen and a resolution of 1334 by 750 pixels. This enables users to enjoy a density of 326 pixels per inch (ppi). This is seen as being slightly less when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7. Users will still be happy to learn that the iPhone 7 has massively increased the brightness of the screen. Not only is this great for low-light situations, but the graphics themselves are likely to appear much crisper and clearer. 

    Processing Power

    This model is equipped with a 64-bit, four-core A-10 processor. This is a huge improvement over the two-core processor found within the 6S. Apple now claims that speeds as much as 40 per cent faster than previous versions can be achieved. Not only is this great for running memory-laden applications, but better processing speeds ensure that high-definition videos will not lag or snag. Finally, such power helps to decrease download and upload times.

    Unsurprisingly, this model is equipped with the latest iOS 10 operating system. Many will be pleased with such an upgrade when compared to the iOS 9.3 that was associated with the 6S. Alongside this operating system, a "smarter" version of Siri is included which is able to control third-party applications when required. 

    The Final Verdict

    Rumours have been circulating about the Apple iPhone 7 for months and finally, it appears as if we can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. The company was smart in the fact that their designers did not drastically modify the outward appearance of this flagship model. In turn, users can enjoy the same sense of familiarity that they have become comfortable with. However, the added improvements cannot be overstated. A better camera, increased processing power, a longer battery life and a brighter screen are all notable departures from the iPhone 6 and 6S. This next model should be a big hit with fans of all ages. 

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