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Internet and Communication

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iWeb SEO Tool

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for iWeb-sites
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Create online photo galleries on Mac OS X
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JDownloader 2

JDownloader is a free, open-source download manager for all platforms.
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Fix Incompatible Mac Mail plugins on Mac OS X
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Alternative mail client for Mac OS X
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Keep up with your favorite News!
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Reading News Feeds and synchronize online under Mac OS X

NetNewsWire Lite

Reads News Feeds and synchronizes online under Mac OS X.
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Feed-Reader for Mac OS X
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Matured Web browser for challenging Mac OS X - User
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Fast web browser with amazing features such as BitTorrent and IRC
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The Internet Radio for Mac OS X
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Convert addresses, texts, URLs and much more to QR codes / 2D barcodes on Mac OS X
Full c2f8ec3f 1148 4c70 80c6 f1cee030a98d


Minimalist Twitter client with Growl notifications
Full bc292876 ebd5 4827 89c7 5d032fcb3812


Twitter and Facebook client for Mac OS X
Full dc8a589d 325b 4a72 a708 3f9fbef8a1fd


RSS reader with online synchronization for Mac OS X
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Simple HTTP Server

Share simple web pages and files via the local network under Mac OS X
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Free calling in the Internet for Mac OS X
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Sophos Anti Virus Home Edition

Complete protection against viruses, Trojans, and worms for Mac OS X
Full 0380ca99 70a5 4b12 9a38 f42ed3909b40


Fast and compact web browser for Mac OS X
Full 2dbbc785 86e1 4ed2 9316 d492eacd5ce0


Simple diary software for Mac OS X
Full 584af2e2 5708 49aa ae97 035143e693c3


Online telephony with excellent voice quality for Mac OS X
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Faster and safer e-mail client from the makers of Firefox for Mac OS X.
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Tomato Torrent

BitTorrent Client for Mac OS X



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