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transform your Mac into a music studio
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Calendar and time in the menu bar on Mac OS X
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Adobe Premiere Elements 14

A cheap and easy way to edit your videoclips!

Audio Hijack

Recording the audio output of programs on Mac OS X
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DivX Web Player

Watch DivX videos directly in the browser on Mac OS X
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Karaoke-Player for Mac OS X
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Skitch Lite

Take, edit and share screenshots with other on Mac OS X
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JES Deinterlacer

Deinterlacer for QuickTime films on Mac OS X
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The easy way to create black and white pictures.
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DJ software for real music mixes on the next party
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Professional drum- tool for Mac OS X
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Shape Collage

Create collages in different shapes under Mac OS X

Amazon Prime

Fast shopping delivery, music and movie streaming in one account!
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Real Player

Audio and video player for many Internet streams
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Viewing pictures and slideshows for Mac OS X
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Jasper's DRIMaker

Create DRI images on Mac OS X
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Flickr Uploadr

Quick and easy upload pictures to Flickr on Mac OS X

Sky Go

Stream movies, series and sports on any device.
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Become a DJ, easily on Mac OS X
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Create screencasts (Screen Capture) and screenshots on Mac OS X
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Listen to music, share playlists and discover new artists


Watch movies and series online on all your devices.
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Picture converter for all common formats


Watch movies and series online.



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