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Office und Organisation

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Add tasks and events in iCal via hotkey
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Focus Booster

Ideal time management tool for Mac OS X
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Free Mind

Create mind maps on Mac OS X
Full 31ba2052 e382 48ae aa2c 377f7d74a812


Gantt- charts- based project management software for Mac OS X
Full 2d874fb5 9d1a 4363 b4ea 31a8c4f998e9


eBay client for searching and shopping on Mac OS X
Full 66867022 8ded 4fd6 8277 ba31e6e08001


The unobtrusive Sleep Timer for Mac OS X
Full 3e6f6b6a eaf9 4b81 aa05 7e880eca58a9


PDF synchronization for GoodReader on iPhone and iPad
Full 08d47235 6f5d 4f0f 94e2 3414e1496b2e

Google Maps Plugin

Google Maps Plugin for the Mac OS X address book
Full ff464c29 980f 4611 862c 5a6efb7f81cb


Encrypt and signing messages in Mac Mail with PGP
Full d3477ecb 3fd0 455f b504 06bb25cdb304


OpenPGP Package for Mac OS X
Full 1415e08f a58f 4fa5 9106 b1bc27837967


Manage finances on Mac OS X
Full ded3d26b 9755 4627 b83d eb96d52cf825

iFinance 4

Your finances in one view!
Full 385a704d c1c3 4454 a75e e40cb23719b8


Simple menu bar extension for Mac OS X
Full 82735c3f 9329 47f2 9471 8367c96cd3da


Darken or hide unnecessary windows on Mac OS X
Full 088c1865 bde1 424e bedd 288cae02d6c9


LaTeX- editor and teTeX- Frontend for Mac OS X
Full ffb23952 5eec 4a23 90d4 021967bf0e6e

iText Express

Simple word processor for Mac OS X
Full f523a396 b6b5 4274 bab6 aaf9a4a9344b


Translator for English and French
Full a50e81ee fa2e 4f4d afcc 22ae459327cc


The official Office solution for your Mac.
Full 332a285a da44 4e66 80fc 2ce6d7bcdadc


Professional virus protection for your Mac.
Full bf2c35c3 f629 4e48 9096 a1c4aa102404


Password manager for Mac OS X
Full 0707ac0c 3385 4099 882f 6c43a855d0fa

Kindle for Mac

Buy, read and sync eBooks with Kindle and iPhone Amazon by using the Mac.


Free Office alternative for Mac.
Full d8323a17 566e 472a b95e 0fe4176344c0


Alternative Office Suite to OpenOffice from Oracle for Mac OS X
Full 7256d6b0 e2fc 4088 a125 a1011d8864a3

Linotype FontExplorer X

Font management for Mac OS X



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