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Office und Organisation

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iFinance 4

Your finances in one view!
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The easy way to plan your projects.
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Micosoft Office 365

Use the full Office suite on up to five devices like your Mac, iPad or iPhone.
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Use countdowns on Mac OS X
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Encrypt and signing messages in Mac Mail with PGP
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Time tracking by using the Pomodoro technique (egg timer) for Mac OS X
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PDF synchronization for GoodReader on iPhone and iPad
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Simple time tracking with an interface to Invoice for Mac OS X
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Password management on Mac OS X
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View all Mac models and Apple peripherals
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iText Express

Simple word processor for Mac OS X
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Manage licenses safely on Mac OS X
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Project Track

Project management for software developers on Mac OS X
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Digital Memory for Mac, iPad and iPhone
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BirthdayScanner X

Show birthdays and anniversaries from the Mac OS X Address Book in iCal, Google Ca...
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Online Banking for Mac OS X
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vCard- and hCard- Viewer for Mac X
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Translator for English and French
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Use your Mac keyboard as a Bluetooth keyboard!
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Google Maps Plugin

Google Maps Plugin for the Mac OS X address book
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1Password 5

Create strong passwords for every site.
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Focus Booster

Ideal time management tool for Mac OS X
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VoodooPad Lite

Wiki on the desktop on Mac OS X
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Sign PDF documents yourself on Mac OS X



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