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Make all Menu Bar Apps in the menu bar of Mac OS X visible
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Perform scripts or executables files remotly with your email.
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Program launcher, search engine and calculator for Mac OS X
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Advanced gesture command for MacBook (Pro) and Magic Mouse
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Change boot logo on Mac OS X
Full 026de703 38dd 4222 9a0f 5b5d2a05395f


Program starter search engine for Mac OS X
Full 33d2569a cd65 4b27 835d c47325ba3ada


Quickly deactivate the power saving mode for a short term on Mac OS X
Full 3aa61be9 9cb5 4769 92f1 7c68df290309


Manage Linked programs / actions for different cameras
Full 4984e9d1 e9ba 4d46 94f7 632969bdb15c


Shortcuts, every program ta one glance for Mac OS X
Full f3acb92b 22c1 4624 9df5 5b9b2408979e


Monitor the status of the battery of a Mac notebook
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Contacts Cleaner (Teil von Spanning Tools)

Filter and repair contacts in Mac OS X address book
Full 9a6891e3 8643 46da afc2 231003421505

Desktop Curtain Classic

Quick hide the contents of the Mac OS X desktop
Full 37ebeb5b 2815 43ed 94db 2a3c5993b989

Desktop Manager

Virtual Desktops for Mac OS X
Full 1f85d1cc ed01 49c6 80af 35cb32c17a99


Enable and disable system extensions of Mac OS X
Full aea16536 575c 44d3 a4a9 6fddbab1941a

Disk Inventory X

Visualize disk usage on Mac OS X
Full 82a40f89 fce8 4933 97a6 63e1a9a8a11e

Fink und FinkCommander

Install and manage open source Unix and Linux software on Mac OS X
Full 8445e155 43c3 402c 8e9d 0f6ba1bf442e

Front Row Trailers

High Definition (HD) movie trailer for Front Row on Mac OS X
Full e8b8bf4a 446b 43aa b2c8 8b9cf22c9fa8


Synchronize contacts, calendar and bookmarks with multiple Macs
Full e4ff455f f2bf 4cca 9d4b 6e0340976963


Log files, Unix commands or pictures on the desktop
Full 9487756d ae8c 4144 917c 6619d9af918c


Disk usage visualization on Mac OS X
Full 9bebed47 520d 4a7c 9b2e 71d2aa52dd62


Notifications and system messages for Mac OS X
Full 792db03e 3d8a 4fa3 8462 5a078597109a


Zoom screen areas on Mac OS X
Full 20980f6d 8454 41c7 9bb1 186dce648db4

iStat menus

Monitoring System by using the menu bar



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