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Watch videos and Internet TV shows on Mac OS X
Mac OS X
March 22, 2007 20:04

About Democracy

Democracy is a video player that can play almost all video formats. With Democracy the own video collection can be managed conveniently and easily, organized and summarized in playlists.

Moreover Democracy provides the ability to watch movies over the Internet, simply by subscribing the desired channel via RSS feed. Thus, even videos from YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Video can be watched on your own Mac.

Democracy was set as a project and will be further developed under the name of Miro.


Democracy requires at least Mac OS X 10.3


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HandBrake / MediaFork

Convert DVDs into video files on Mac OS X
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Watch videos and Internet TV with Mac OS X
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Backup and copy DVDs (DVD Ripper) on Mac OS X
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Watching TV over the internet on Mac OS X
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Digital TV magazine with TV program for Mac OS X
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SILC and IRC client for Mac OS X
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Install Windows Internet Explorer on Mac OS X
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Interactive World Map for Mac OS X

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