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Download of Get Tube

With Get Tube you can download video and audio content from YouTube and save it in the formats MP4, MP3, AVI and FLV. Thus, it is also very easy to save only the audio stream of a video as MP3. For this purpose you access the desired YouTube page with Firefox or Safari and then click the right button in Get Tube. When downloading, HD movies are also considered, if available.

To download this Software please click here


Get Tube

You've chosen Get Tube, you can download it on the developer page itself. Free Mac Software provides several Links to external services where you can download the Software you've choosen, Free Mac Software itself does not provide any downloads. Please click the given link on the left side to get redirected to the page where you can download the software.


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Image-, Audio- und Video-Converter with integrated YouTube-Downloader for Mac OS X



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