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Download of JellyfiSSH

With JellyfiSSH you can manage SSH or Telnet connections in the form of bookmarks - same as Putty on Windows and Linux. The need to remember countless IP addresses and usernames is a thing of the past. The various bookmarks can be grouped together.

For each connection, you can assign different settings for the terminal. This can be, for example, Font color, background color, and window size adjust - even wallpapers are possible.

Since version 5.0 JellyfiSSH is no longer freeware. Therefore, we offer the latest free version 4.5.2 to download. The current version is accessible via the website or the MacAppStore.

To download this Software please click here



You've chosen JellyfiSSH, you can download it on the developer page itself. Free Mac Software provides several Links to external services where you can download the Software you've choosen, Free Mac Software itself does not provide any downloads. Please click the given link on the left side to get redirected to the page where you can download the software.


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