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Download of mufin für iTunes

Much like Apple's Geniusm mufin automatically creates a good match for iTunes playlists with songs. The difference: mufin for iTunes is sound-based and can therefore use any song as a starting point for a playlist, even unreleased music and music that is not available in the iTunes Store. In addition, information about the own iTunes library may not be sent to Apple, mufin for iTunes also works entirely without internet connection.
mufin for iTunes is also available for iTunes on the PC.

To download this Software please click here


mufin für iTunes

You've chosen mufin für iTunes, you can download it on the developer page itself. Free Mac Software provides several Links to external services where you can download the Software you've choosen, Free Mac Software itself does not provide any downloads. Please click the given link on the left side to get redirected to the page where you can download the software.


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