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Software distribution of open source software on Mac OS X
Mac OS X
November 05, 2008 10:00

About MacLibre

MacLibre offers an automatic software installation and updates on Mac OS X. It can be selected some of the most famous Open Source programs. This allows to update and install Thunderbird, Firefow and many others very easily.


Universal binary
MacLibre requires at least Mac OS X 10.3


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Enable hidden features in Mac OS X
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Clean up your Mac only by pressing one button
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Enable and disable system extensions of Mac OS X
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Desktop Manager

Virtual Desktops for Mac OS X
Full 82a40f89 fce8 4933 97a6 63e1a9a8a11e

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Full 575abc67 0dc8 4163 8888 2f1d6c98f9d0

Avira Free Mac Security

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Full f3cb12db a01c 43dd acca 53c5496685c7


Faster and safer e-mail client from the makers of Firefox for Mac OS X.
Full 9b6a82ed 9816 403b 829b 5184df5a36be

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