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New Software

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Micosoft Office 365

Use the full Office suite on up to five devices like your Mac, iPad or iPhone.
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Homeworld - Remastered Collection

All game of the famous space RTS in one Bundle!
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Professional virus protection for your Mac.
Full d8a04167 9052 4775 bd6c 31e1a0043343


Hide everything unnecessary on your screen!
Full 5afdec55 b324 40fd 92bc cdba51949d9c

Final Fantasy 14 Online - Havensward

The second MMORPG of the Final Fantay universe.
Full 05b0fe06 7800 48d0 8517 93ea681175a3

Mushroom 11

Play the award-winning anti-platformer.
Full 78be25cf 1204 48dd 9b8a 5e8aa3431c92

Diablo 3

The third part of the famous Hack and Slay game!
Full 3e8fcd5f b7bb 48f9 a9d5 4e643e7444e8

Diablo 2

One of the most played hack and slay game in the world for your Mac!
Full 75d3bb9e 9660 4a47 a7b6 887b3b3912e9

Sonos Controller

Control your music systems with one smart application.
Full a010664e f300 4985 8cdc adf479739c96

Adobe Premiere Elements 14

A cheap and easy way to edit your videoclips!

Acronis True Image 2016

Create backups with the most commom backup and cloud programm!
Full dc019562 78bb 44ec 9c9d a5e3b90e1b56


Use all your mail accounts in one client!
Full d92f16b0 993b 4350 816b eecb44d250b2


Combine all messengers in one application!
Full 1841df96 bb30 48be ba98 d3f033607490

CleanMyMac 3

Clean your system by removing needless data!
Full 87bbf627 6bf9 466e a00d f08a57bf3521

Hider 2

Hide your information from unwanted eyes and encrypt your data!
Full 740b2fe0 41c7 45e0 a216 ef15fb65ef93


Keep up with your favorite News!
Full bcd935d4 d184 4e61 ace4 e52226838233

CleanMyDrive 2

The easy way to clean your drive wit h drag and drop.
Full 4129e637 47cd 422f 8eae b6f4a45b7ee2


Simple pdf to flipbook conversion for Mac OS
Full d2b2673d fc79 4485 a549 9deac6b84b6a

Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player a full featured Video Player for Mac OS X
Full ded3d26b 9755 4627 b83d eb96d52cf825

iFinance 4

Your finances in one view!
Full 6f7b12fd 1dd7 44a2 976e b36da9d9acd4


Use your Mac keyboard as a Bluetooth keyboard!

Eve Online

The well knows space Mmorpg now for Mac.
Full a20f8736 1335 426f ac03 988ef8ebf5b9


The easy way to plan your projects.
Full a50e81ee fa2e 4f4d afcc 22ae459327cc


The official Office solution for your Mac.



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