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New Software

Full 863df13f 7cd6 4642 9b00 0367da3c7ab2


Minimal graphics and image editing software for Mac OS X
Full 6b6dc4fd 0aa3 408f 94a9 6f61ffd1ada1


Platform Independent iTunes alternative with interesting features
Full f419748a 4c96 4992 b660 4962c9ef0848


Inkscape alternative for Mac OS X with SVG support
Full 8e3b9a10 b37f 428f 9934 5ce29743570c

OpenOffice für Mac

Full Office package for Mac OS X
Full 44ef649c 26d3 4aac a639 cc86e15a151d

JES Deinterlacer

Deinterlacer for QuickTime films on Mac OS X

Audio Hijack

Recording the audio output of programs on Mac OS X
Full 82313b6b 6b82 412a 9059 bf905fba45ee

Urban Terror

Platform independent Multiplayer First Person Shooter
Full e44a4fa3 256b 4b80 bb46 ace34c33ce52


Create books and photo albums on Mac OS X
Full 5413ed5f d0d0 4898 a76a 00591b7dae74

Navicat Lite

MySQL Data base graphical management with Mac OS X
Full 4eb48fe1 87f5 42d3 a0a4 1d3de7e45ac6

Project Track

Project management for software developers on Mac OS X
Full 90447af8 a9bf 4b83 9bbb 26b255df5d82


Synchronize contacts from the address book and Adium
Full 4da67eb1 e8e0 49fb a5c7 60360d8b98f9

Splendid City

Manage sports teams and sport events on Mac OS X
Full 7dd2688a 4451 4579 bd8b 709f1b1b2bef

Simple Tagger

Tag MP3-files automatically with Mac OS X
Full acc02d6d eadb 4176 b53d 4c279ab1acd8

Validator S.A.C

HTML- and xHTML- Validator for Mac OS X
Full 46acd8e2 b99e 477d bccc 8f6fa95e43c7


Regular backups on Mac OS X
Full f0c27a9f 4534 4f39 97f8 6004cbebdc53


Media Center and Front Row alternative for Mac OS X
Full 3af566e2 a26b 4c2e 844e ba4ad2c5ce10


Unlocking / jailbreaking of the iPhone and iPod touch on Mac OS X
Full 6e3e5640 88a8 44c9 8f50 ccd8eb5d42af

Bug Defender

Protect your garden in the game from insects
Full e014d43e 9026 4337 9ecb 87c7e542876c


Synchronize smartphones, cloud accounts and everything on Mac OS X
Full 8f459b88 794f 4bde ba8a 1720e9d3d45f

Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop

Extensive email-Client with appointments, tasks and more for Mac OS X.
Full 4f753511 e49d 4eef 8441 78f9a4fd657b


Translate from English, French, Turkish and Spanish in German on Mac OS X


Objets (images , pages web , etc.) measured on the screen under Mac OS X
Full f4dcc6a0 87fe 4e38 a0a7 8540e13767d6

Time Tracker

Project and task-based time recording software for Mac OS X
Full e46f6f58 c388 4f00 8175 e941b32de6c5


Control several Macs with one mouse and keyboard



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