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New Software

Full 3827d7ea d9cb 433d b2e0 6d145d05860a


Google (RSS) reader for Mac OS X
Full d20f0268 6338 4cfc 86ea 4c9a4d9ccf69


Literature management program for scientific articles and PDF documents
Full 3896a7cb a212 4220 bf60 32a4f1e8e581


Check Mac OS X applications for compatibility with Snow Leopard
Full 574f73c8 004d 46d5 8af9 8cf745281406


DJ software for real music mixes on the next party
Full 33fc0399 1443 4cd9 b474 5b148a5aa6b1


Software Update-Framework for Cocoa
Full 0a135146 c8c2 432e abcb d298bace7a4a


environment development for Mac and iPhone applications
Full 84cbf56a b10b 4ba0 9a1f 5f2a197c9587


Presentations with graphic effects supported with Mac OS X
Full 96038604 5392 44fc 97ae 8bbe018c54e8

Carbon Copy Cloner

Clone volumes (disks, partitions, etc.) and create backups
Full 760237a0 235c 4ac0 aa42 594846fe620e

BirthdayScanner X

Show birthdays and anniversaries from the Mac OS X Address Book in iCal, Google Ca...
Full dcfb386a 1e6d 4ca2 bff0 21c652eec46d


Alternative mail client for Mac OS X
Full eb9a4ec6 04c1 4554 b255 496051d35e8b


iWeb alternative with shop function in the Pro version for Mac OS X
Full d7421ab1 2e0d 471f a908 ad30bffebbdc


Open Outlook files (.msg files) on Mac OS X
Full bfe2df45 05c5 4a85 9d32 d6e90a22391e


Share and exchange documents via email, Facebook and MySpace
Full 49d36b78 a750 46b3 86ab 741dc9590ccb


Time tracking by using the Pomodoro technique (egg timer) for Mac OS X
Full 19521897 f8e2 45f2 ab52 b9f6c11325e6


Matured Web browser for challenging Mac OS X - User
Full bc292876 ebd5 4827 89c7 5d032fcb3812


Twitter and Facebook client for Mac OS X
Full e29869d1 6d8a 4899 869f 25a2774298b0


iTunes - Twitter - Connector for Mac OS X
Full 3aa61be9 9cb5 4769 92f1 7c68df290309


Manage Linked programs / actions for different cameras
Full fb37f8eb bbbb 4b68 8ae8 f373868e65f8

Contacts Cleaner (Teil von Spanning Tools)

Filter and repair contacts in Mac OS X address book
Full dd79d44b c667 4cf1 bd81 6dc11b903fac

Sync Tune-Up (Teil von Spanning Tools)

Eliminate errors in Mac OS X Sync Services
Full 213a7b8a 6899 4f2b bf07 1fbece000863

Book Hunter

Manage books and catalog them on Mac OS X
Full 08d47235 6f5d 4f0f 94e2 3414e1496b2e

Google Maps Plugin

Google Maps Plugin for the Mac OS X address book
Full f2657ca0 b00e 40a5 be47 d237c348e21a


Multiplayer online poker game (Texas Hold'em) for Mac OS X



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