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Open Validator

Check websites on validity (ISO / IEC 23026-2006 (E)) and accessibility with Mac OS X
Mac OS X
December 03, 2010 18:09

About Open Validator

With Open Validator you can check web pages. Open Validator offers a variety of settings and testing procedures. It is, for example, possible to check the website for W3C compliance and accessibility. In addition, links can be tested, and images checked and web forms analyzed.


Universal binary
Open Validator requires at least Mac OS X 10.5 and a 64-bit Mac


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Full ba24e836 0787 4b2c b13b 072272890c39
Full f6a554c2 6ff6 45d1 92b6 32388e31d155
Full 7a369924 a675 4d34 8907 b6761e59ed82


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