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Fast web browser with amazing features such as BitTorrent and IRC
Mac OS X
November 12, 2006 12:08

About Opera

Opera is a free browser that is safe, fast and equipped with many features. You can use Opera as a client for e-mail, BitTorrent downloads, news feeds, newsgroups and IRC.

In addition to standard features such as tabbed browsing, history and pop-up blocker, Opera offers much more. You can customize the look of the browser with skins, navigate with mouse movements, define your own styles for websites and use a thumbnail. Opera also offers a really good website-Zoom. Not only the fonts are enlarged, but everything - including the images, etc.

Another nice feature are the widgets. Similar to the Dashboard Widgets they can also be used outside of Opera. For this you simply need to download the widget from the Opera website and integrate it into your browser.


Universal binary
Opera requires at least Mac OS X 10.2


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