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Provided files, folders, and bookmarks with tags
Mac OS X
September 26, 2007 11:08

About Punakea

With Punakea files, folders, and bookmarks can be provided with tags (keywords) by Drag & Drop. These help in sorting of the disk. The browser of Punakea the individual tags are clearly displayed in a tag- cloud. The search is then just as quickly as with Spotlight, just organized by your own wishes.


Universal binary
Punakea requires at least Mac OS X 10.4


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Full eb9b5ee4 e9f4 4b88 b797 493578fef254


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Full 1bd48dd2 cea7 41c3 a1fd 5aa0e56947f5


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Full 876d8619 dd07 462e b5b6 6b738d79f86e

Tag Folders

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Full 0b854eed 6b8c 4f44 8645 efc14cfbcae6


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Full ebf67de5 dba0 4ab1 bebe 292a39ca2414


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Full 4c753a98 5a97 4822 b74a fc67ad75589b


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Full 3827d7ea d9cb 433d b2e0 6d145d05860a


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