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Unlocking / jailbreaking of the iPhone and iPod touch on Mac OS X
Mac OS X
August 01, 2008 13:47

About PwnageTool

With PwnageTool is a software available that allows you to unlock the SIM-lock of your iPhone and install third-party programs.

For this purpose, the original firmware of the iPhone or iPod touch is modified and then imported via iTunes.


Universal binary
PwnageTool requires at least Mac OS X 10.4


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Full 9f278f74 3d7b 4640 b4bb 36f6d20ab3d3
Full 01afb852 19c0 4bbd bbc4 a7669e5432bf
Full b5a8ca65 ff53 426b b1e2 a25b2727f937


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