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Regnum Online Warmasters

Fantasy 3D-Roleplay for Mac OS X
Mac OS X
March 08, 2011 12:08

About Regnum Online Warmasters

Each player chooses one of three parties in the
 detail richly decorated fantasy world fight for the supremacy:
 The wooded Syrtis, the frozen Alsius and the desert kingdom Ignis.
This decision has far-reaching consequences for the hero, as in
 each of the empires there are different races.
In addition to complex solo adventures that bring the Story
ahead, and duels in their own home, advanced
Players also draw together with allies in the fight against rival
 Kingdoms. The sophisticated character development based on
different classes, defensive or offensive in optional
Orientation, allows an individual design of the character to
fight with other players and take tactical positions.
Composition and common strategy of medium to large
Groups significantly influence the Quest history. Regnum Online fascinated through their dynamic fighting, large
Player groups through extensive quests, an atmospheric,
cartoon-like graphics and an expansive game world.


Intel mac
Regnum Online requires at least Mac OS X 10.5


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