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environment development for Mac and iPhone applications
Mac OS X
October 02, 2009 23:26

About Xcode

Xcode is an environment development (IDE) provided by Apple, for MacOS X software development. Xcode primarily works with Objective C, but also supports C, C ++ , Java, Phyton and Ruby. Xcode is part of the Apple Developer Tools and can also contain the iPhone SDK, which helps developing iPhone applications.


Universal binary
Xcode for Mac and iPhone requires at least Mac OS X 10.5


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Mac app store

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Free Mind

Create mind maps on Mac OS X
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Complete and integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac OS X
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Aptana IDE

Development environment for JavaScript and Ajax applications
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HTML-, XHTML- und CSS- editor for Mac OS X
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NetBeans IDE

Comprehensive Development Environment (IDE) for Mac OS X
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Adobe Air

Platform-independent runtime environment for Rich Internet Applications


Development environment for Ruby on Rails
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Simple install Apache, PHP and MySQL on Mac OS X!

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