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HMI Draw, native HMI/SCADA development environment

HMI Draw is a *native* iOS application for creating Human Machine Interfaces for real time monitoring and control of industrial PLC based systems and processes. Data is presented in highly customizable page layouts much like a presentations app. ...
13 de diciembre de 2015 19:04

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HMI Draw is a *native* iOS application for creating Human Machine Interfaces for real time monitoring and control of industrial PLC based systems and processes. Data is presented in highly customizable page layouts much like a presentations app.

Who's this for.

The app is aimed at automation engineers or industrial machine manufacturers on many sectors including but not limited to building automation, industrial processing, power plants, water plants, industrial equipment, transportation and so on, who want to provide instant, reliable access to real time data right from iOS devices.

What you'll get for the price of the app.

HMI Draw allows you to create efficient, advanced, highly responsive "Human Machine Interfaces" right on your iPad screen with unprecedented ease of use and fun. The HMI Draw app is fully native and supports all major Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) brands. For the price of the app (FREE) you can *fully* develop and test projects of any complexity. No restrictions on number of pages, tags or PLCs are applied at this stage. You only pay for project activations when you are ready to deploy to end users.

HMI Draw essential Features.

- Very fast, launches and connects immediately regardless of project size.
- All data types including Strings, Arrays and Dictionaries fully supported.
- HMI Projects are edited on-screen as you run and monitor your process.
- You can export and edit your project files as text on your PC or Mac.
- Export/import asset files such as images, pdfs or audio files from HMI Draw to your PC or Mac.
- Optional project storage in the cloud and easy deployment to end users devices.
- Native PLC communication protocols. Connections are performed with no intermediate servers or boxes.
- Major PLC brands supported, including: Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Opto 22, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Wago.
- TCP/IP based security.

Getting Started: creating a HMI Pad project.

Projects are created like a mix of PowerPoint and Excel. The concept is quite simple. You lay out elements such as Sliders, Switches, Buttons, Images, Text Fields, Knobs, Trends, Gauges, Bar Indicators, Web browser, Array pickers, even Gesture Recognizers and much more onto pages. You connect on-screen objects with iPad sensors and PLC tags through simple links or powerful expressions. That's it !!. The result is a stunning, dynamic, real-time presentation of your PLC controlled process as you'd never imagined.

Examples Ready for You.

Explore the examples and take the liberty to make changes on them. Create your own test projects from scratch or based on the examples. HMI Draw will comprehensively tell you what inconsistencies or problems there may be in your project as you build them. New examples are being added on a regular basis or by user request.

What's Next.

There’s a lot more that we haven’t mentioned here, such as the page navigation interface, the embedded file server, the model browser, the model seeker, the automatic expression completer, the inspector viewer, alarm notifications, iPad sensors, bar code scanner, user access levels, password on launch, PLC validation codes, individual tag diagnostics, background processing, automatic network switching, and much much more. You surely will identify some of these features by just exploring the app, but the single source where everything is covered is the HMI Draw Reference Manual. Feel free to download it from our site and look at the full possibilities, you’ll love the product.

Technical Support.

We provide a free on-line support service based on public forums on our web site:

Or through direct email:
[email protected]

We also hold a public youTube channel at:

Feel free to direct your questions, suggestions or feedback to any of the above. We'll be happy to hear from you.




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