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Tux Paint Free

~~~Top education app around the world! over 10,000,000 downloads since 2002!~~~ ~~~Hundreds of awards from many media/magazines!~~~ ~~~Hundreds of school are using it for teaching!~~~ ~~~Thousands of stamps and magics and they are free!~~~ "I jus...
jeudi 25 février 2016 05h30

About Tux Paint Free

~~~Top education app around the world! over 10,000,000 downloads since 2002!~~~
~~~Hundreds of awards from many media/magazines!~~~
~~~Hundreds of school are using it for teaching!~~~
~~~Thousands of stamps and magics and they are free!~~~

"I just downloaded Tux Paint, I am extremely impressed with the program. I am very anxious for my grandchildren to try it, I am sure it will be a hit with them."- Mary Jean Jones

"You've done it! You've created a functional, powerful, FUN piece of software my four-year-old can use! I probably looked like a big goofy chimp here for about 20 minutes as I took Tux Paint for a spin at my local coffee shop. I swear I was grinning. What a triumph!"- Peter Thompson

"I just had to tell you that [our daughter] is absolutely in love with Tux Paint. I know I told you that, but it's freaking me out that she is only 3 and can operate it all on her own. She knows how to change the background, change stamps, go from one brush type to another and change colos - she learned how to use it so quickly! So, I thank you. And [my daughter] thanks you! :)" - Patti M., Sacramento, California, USA

"My daughter, soon 7, loves it. It is surprizingly powerful for its paradigm."- David Baron

What's inside:
-Fun sound effects are played when tools are selected and used.
-A cartoon version of Tux,appears at the bottom to give tips, hints and information.

Paint brush
-Various brushes available
-Brushes can be animated
-Brushes can change shape depending on the direction they're drawn
-Alternate color palettes can be created and used

Rubber stamp
-Hundreds of photographic and cartoon stamps images are available
-Stamps have descriptive text and sound samples (names, facts, etc.) and/or sound effects assigned to them
-Stamps can be resized, flipped and mirrored
-Raster bitmaps (Portable Network Graphics ("PNG")) with full-color and alpha transparency (32bpp RGBA) supported

Line tool
-Uses Paint Brush's brushes
-'Rubberband' shows where the line will be drawn as you move the figure

Shape tool
-Draw various filled and unfilled polygonal shapes
-Rotate shapes

Text and Label tools
-Come with various fonts
-Bold, italic and size can be changed
-Supports any languages which works on your IPhone/IPad

'Magic' (special effects) tool
-Blind - pull window blinds down, or across, the picture
-Blocks - turn parts of the picture 'blocky'
-Blur - blur parts of the picture using the mouse
-Bricks - paint realistic large or small brick patterns
-Calligraphy - a smooth brush that changes thickness depending on how quickly you stroke
-Cartoon - make parts of the picture look like a cartoon
-Chalk - make parts of the picture look like a chalk drawing
-Color & White - turn the picture monotone
-Color Shift - Jumble the colors of the picture
-Confetti - Throw confetti over your picture
-Darken - darken the colors of parts of the picture
-Distortion - slightly alters the position of the picture under the brush
-Drip - make parts of the picture look like it's dripping away
-Edges - outline the edges of shapes in yur picture
-Emboss - gives the image's edges highlights and shadows
-Fill - 'flood-fill' an area with a particular color
-Fisheye - view parts of your picture through a fish-eye lense
-Flip - flip the image vertically
-Flower - draws curvy-stalked flowers
-Foam - paints foamy bubbles that grow as you move the mouse
-Fold - fold down the corners of your picture
-Glass Tile - see your drawing through glass tiles
-Grass - paint realistic clumps of grass on the screen and into the distance
-Hexagon Mosaic - create a pattern of hexagons
-Irregular Mosaic - turn your picture into a mosaic of shards
-Kaleidoscope - four symmetric brushes
-Light - draw beams of bright light on your picture
There too much to write here,please don't hesitate to check it yourself!

-Multiple levels of undo
-Undo actions can themselves be undone with the 'Redo' button

More, you can share your master piece to Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and Wechat!!




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