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The new Mac OS Sierra - Review

September 26, 2016 15:02

macOS 12 Sierra

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macOS 12

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    The new Mac OS Sierra - we tested it and there is the Review!

    The new Mac OS Sierra

    Your Mac now has a lot more to offer in helping you be not only productive but also stay productive. Apple has now released the latest version of its Mac OS known as macOS Sierra. With this most recent version comes the fact that it is the first release of the Mac OS that will see the name of each operating system start with macOS.

    Siri comes to Mac
    The macOS Sierra comes with a number of new features and updates that will help you get the most out of your Mac. The Siri personal assistant is no longer just available on the iPad and iPhone; it is now available on your desktop. Like the iOS app, it also offers the same features as well as new features. With Siri you can ask it to do things like:

    • Send a message to a colleague.

    • Find and locate and file or document quicker.

    • Keep and store results where you can quickly access them.

    • Look for something such as an image and drag and drop it on the desktop or into an app.

    • Ask it how to spell something.

    • Ask it a question.

    What else is New?
    The Siri personal assistant is not the only new feature that macOS Sierra brings to the desktop. As well as Siri, there are a number of other new features and updates included in this Mac OS that will help you stay productive. Here are the highlights on some of them. 

    • Universal Clipboard - If you are someone who also has an iPhone or iPad then macOS Sierra now gives you the chance to copy and paste information between your different devices. With the universal clipboard, you can copy something that is on one machine and paste it into a different device. How long it will take to copy things will depend on your connection, but you can use it for text, images and anything else you might usually copy on to the clipboard.

    • Auto-Unlock - If you are wearing an Apple Watch then the new Mac OS will automatically log you in without the need to type a password. All of this means you can quickly get back to work after taking that quick call or stepping away.

    • Tab Support - Within the browser, most of us have got used to the tabbed interface. Sierra now brings the tab support to the desktop. Whatever applications you are using you now have the option to combine all of them into a single tabbed interface. While most apps should be able to support the Tab feature, there may be some that either won’t support this feature or not support it fully. If you like tabs to access your apps, then this new feature will give you a good start.

    • iCloud Drive - Whether you are someone who carefully organises and stores all your files and folders or someone who just leaves everything on the desktop, the improvements to the iCloud desktop now mean that it is more tightly integrated. Files and folders can now be stored and kept updated in iCloud Drive and accessed by multiple devices. As a result, you now means that you have access to your information not only from your Mac device but also from any of your iOS devices as well. In addition to this, the new OS also allows you to save space by being able to get rid of duplicate and unnecessary files.

    • Apple Pay – Being able to buy and pay for something online is now even easier. Apple Pay means that users in Safari can now pay for things on the web without having to enter their card details. To use Apple Pay, you will need as a minimum an iPhone 6 phone or an Apple Watch as this will allow you to use the Touch ID functionality.

    • Picture-in-Picture - This new feature brings the ability to watch a video in a window over your desktop or full-screen app at the same time as you are doing something else. If you need to send an email but are wanting to watch your favourite programme, then this will new feature makes it possible.

    Also the latest Mac OS brings you features that allow you to do more with your iPhone when working on your Mac. With your iPhone, you can now make and receive calls direct from the desktop. You can also send SMS text messages as well. In addition, if you are working on something such as a document on your desktop and want to finish it on your iPad, then you will be able to do this using the ‘Handoff’ functionality. 

    When it comes to music, the Apple Music in iTunes now looks just the same as if you were viewing the iOS version. There have also been enhancements to the photos application. The main change is that it can now group similar pictures of people, places and objects to create photo slideshows which it calls ‘Memories’. 

    You can find out more information about all of the features by looking here on the Apple website.

    When it comes to upgrading your Mac, most models introduced after 2009 should be capable of installing the new Mac OS. That said, while you may be able to update your device it may not allow you to run all of the new features available. You can check whether your model is capable of running the new operating system by going to the Apple website.

    You can download the new Mac OS for free by visiting the Mac App Store and going to the macOS Sierra page. This will provide you help on how to download and upgrade to the latest version of the operating system.

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