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Carbon Copy Cloner

Clone volumes (disks, partitions, etc.) and create backups
Mac OS X
September 27, 2009 14:30

About Carbon Copy Cloner

With Carbon Copy Cloner backups of hard disks and partitions can be created in different ways. Carbon Copy Cloner offers on the one hand the possibility of 1-to-1 copies (clones) of any volume. If it is a bootable volume (Mac OS X) the copy will is also be bootable. On the other hand creates Carbon Copy Cloner also incremental and scheduled backups that can be stored on USB or FireWire and network hard drives.
Note (26.07.2012): Since version 3.5 Carbon Copy Cloner is no longer freeware. We therefore offer the latest free version 3.4.6 for download. The current version can be accessed via the website link.


Universal binary
Carbon Copy Cloner requires at least Mac OS X 10.4.8


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