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Howto run Windows on Mac

September 16, 2016 09:40
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Need Windows on your Mac? Take a look at this!


Why run Windows on Mac?

If you decide to make the jump and move over to Mac, you really don't need to lose all of the applications you like and are used to from Windows. There are plenty of reasons people actually run the Windows OS on a Mac computer. Firstly, there is software available on Windows that you cannot get on Mac, so you can still play certain games etc.

Another reason is that there are some online applications that will only work with Windows. This may sound as long way to go about things, but certain companies prefer Mac's for their reliability but are tied to software that is Windows only. 

There are also a lot of gamers who prefer the Windows on Mac system. Not only is this down to the fact that certain games are unavailable on Mac, but also usability. Macs have far superior graphics and sound cards to most Windows PC's, so this means the player gets the most out of the gaming experience. 

Lastly, it all comes down to personal preference. For the generations that are all growing up learning how to use the Windows OS in school, a Mac can be a big jump so Windows on Mac is the perfect solution.

How easy is it to run Windows on Mac?

Running Windows on Mac is still by no means as easy as logging onto a desktop computer, however it is much easier now with the software and applications available and you no longer need to be a total pro. There are plenty of apps and tutorials which will be discussed in this article that can help you. 

How can I run Windows on Mac?

If you want to run a full Windows operating system on your Mac, then Apple's bootcamp is the best option. This installs the complete Windows operating system and is the most common form of Windows on Mac. Bootcamp installs Windows onto a completely separate partition of your hard drive. Although this is the best way to do it performance wise, it certainly does take up space. 

You can also experience Windows on Mac without taking up too much memeory on your computer or laptop by using an app to complete the change. 

What are the best Windows on Mac apps?

1. Crossover

Coldweavers crossover Mac pro 8 is a great piece of kit you can use if you just need to run one or two applications in the Windows on Mac format. Crossover runs on a virtual environment, so you do not need to install the full OS. You can insert a Windows installer disk when you use crossover, and run this straight away without needing to install Windows in full. If it is not always practical to have full Windows on Mac, say for example if your office uses one program that cannot be used on Mac, then this is probably the fastest and easiest way.

2. Parallels desktop 7

Parallels desktop 7 is a full Windows on Mac virtualization program which offers a stable and robust solution. It lets users run Windows, Linux and OS Lion withing the Mac OS. Parallells by all accounts is incredibly easy to install, and once you have installed it the user interface is very simple and you can navigate your way around it quickly. Parallels makes it easy to install common Windows apps like Google chrome once you have it set up on your Mac OS.

3. VMware fusion 4

Vmware fusion 4 is similar to it's counterparts, but it is dubbed as one of the easiest ways for you to be able to run the Windows OS on your Mac. The interface of VMware fusion 4 is very much like the typical Mac interface, so if you are an avid Mac users but you have been forced to use a Windows application for work or other reasons then this is the one that will suit you the most. Again, it is stable and easy to install and won't take up too much memory, certainly not as much as installing Windows in full through Bootcamp would. 

4. Virtual box

Virtual box is a great piece of software, because not only does it let you run Windows OS on Mac, but it also lets you do visa versa, so you can literally have every single app or game at your fingertips, no matter what actual hardware you need to use. Again it's easy to install and has a user friendly interface. 

5. Wine

Wine is another cross platform solution that actually originated on Linux. Wine is another application that will run Windows on a Mac in an application by application basis. It is still in it's early stages, so it's not perfect yet, but it is a lot more reasonable in price than some of the other solutions. Wine does also offer a 'software list' so that you can check out what you are able to run before you install.

Is it safe to run Windows OS on a Mac?

If you use Bootcamp, this is a perfectly legitimate way to run Windows Os on Mac. this was actually created by apple themselves and it is probably the safest and smoothest way to make the transition. That being said, a lot of people prefer to use the applications, which is fine and safe as well. Any software that you use to run Windows Os on Mac will have been coded to ensure you do not experience any issues with either the Mac or the Windows OS, but here are some tips to consider before you use one of these apps:

- Get the premium version. The free version may have restrictions on what you can and can't do on Windows OS, and this may mean to spend loads of time trying free version after free version.
- Get the software from trusted sources. This should go without saying. If you are going to download software illegally you risk harming your computer and doing irreversible damage. Make sure you download from the websites of the software itself. 
- Ask for recommendations, or read some online. Everyone's needs are different when it comes to why you want to structure the computer in this way. For whatever reason, it may be that one application suits you more than the other, so get an idea of what one can best suit your needs.
- Make sure you are fully aware of how to uninstall. This way you know if anything does go wrong, you can just immediately remove the software from your computer before any damage is done. 

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