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The best browser for Mac! Top 3 of 2016

September 26, 2016 15:05
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The top 3 best Browser for Mac for 2016 with Features reviewed. Check it out!

2016 Top 3 Browsers for Mac

The vicious browser battles that characterized the initial period of this century might be over, but there is still a lively web browser field. The big boys in the scene elbow for room among the starters, and some names that have been around for long persistently show they are not yet done.

In fact, we have tried to come up with the top three browser Mac for 2016 that have always tried to battle for the top position in the market. Therefore, we have tried to review these browsers for Mac here. There are still some old names that are on the battle but failed to regularly develop their browsers. We all agree that in modern age running a browser that is not well protected is not the best idea. The following browsers are always on regular check up and updated often to fit the modern age.


Google Chrome

1. Extensions and other Features

Google Chrome has always been the reference point when it comes to the extension ecosystem. It clearly shows that they are the leading extension developers around. For instance, if any extension exists, chances are you will find it in Chrome before you get it in another browser.

Google Chrome offers a whole new blend of Apps to suit your web and local needs. Chrome has bridged the gap between web and local apps to offer something for everyone.

For any Google related searches (be it, Google Drive or Gmail), Chrome has the most integrated software available for exploiting these avenues.


2. Design and Ease of Use

Chrome took the first initiative to simplify the user interface, and improved it by introducing not just an address but a few more buttons for convenience.

It has offered a clean platform for users, but installing more than enough extensions may cause confusion, but for most of this browser Mac user it is not that unclear. Similar to most other browsers for Mac, it may be a little more cramped with more than 15 tabs open. However, it offers great quality delivering content even if the window is minimized or expanded.

It has standard navigation features (including refresh, home, forward, back) neighbouring the omnibox. Chrome allows you to minimize the window and delete any button you may deem useless.

Chrome has made bookmarking your best WebPages a breeze – by just clicking on the star on the right of your address bar.



Safari comes with your computer and it is a light and speedy browser. It may lack some of the customizable and extension options available for other Mac browsers but it still has great features that make it attractive to numerous users.


1. Reader View

If there is an attractive feature offered by Safari, then it is its Reader view which allows you to take any website and put it in a format that enable you to read without difficulties.


2. Private Browsing

Safari was the first to adopt private browsing for its users. Though it is now standard on all browsers for Mac, we cannot fail to give the credit to this software. The web pages come out clearly and attractive to users.


3. Battery Life

For Macbook users if you are worried about denting your battery, then Safari will help you overcome this fear.

You do not have to worry about your battery when it comes to Safari. You have everything taken care of here.


Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has been around for so quite a long time that it is almost conceivable that it existed way before the internet. However, do not let the fact that it might have been built by dinosaurs cloud you from realizing its great features.


1. Open-source Infrastructure

This browser is based on an open source community membership; this enables it to be updated regularly by committed people. Firefox has heritage, but you do not have to assume that it will not beat the other browsers.

This open-source infrastructure allows updates and improvements to be made for-and-by the people.


2. Tab and Download Management


Firefox offers one of the best tab managements amongst all browsers available. Page representation is quick and its add-on gallery is supplied with great features.

Firefox has its download management designed to offer the best for its users. This management allows you to get rid of any third party issues that may otherwise find their way into Safari and Chrome.

These are the three most common browsers you will get on Mac. So much comes in when you compare these browsers: between Safari and Chrome the Apple and Google debate suffices – is customization better than easy and simple to use? It all depends on what you would like your Mac to have.

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