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Image-, Audio- und Video-Converter with integrated YouTube-Downloader for Mac OS X
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Adobe Premiere Elements 14

A cheap and easy way to edit your videoclips!

Amazon Prime

Fast shopping delivery, music and movie streaming in one account!
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Art of Illusion

3D modeling and rendering- studio for Mac OS X
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Record and edit sounds on Mac OS X

Audio Hijack

Recording the audio output of programs on Mac OS X
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Alarm clock with iTunes and EyeTV integration for Mac OS X
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Professional 3D-Suite for Mac OS X
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Photo editor for web designers with Core Image support
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Watch videos and Internet TV shows on Mac OS X
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DivX Web Player

Watch DivX videos directly in the browser on Mac OS X
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Digital turntables for DJs on Mac OS X
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Inkscape alternative for Mac OS X with SVG support
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Easily management of DVD collection on Mac OS X
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Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player a full featured Video Player for Mac OS X
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Rename photos, audio and video files using EXIF information
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Data Recovery of digital photos on Mac OS X
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Flickr Uploadr

Quick and easy upload pictures to Flickr on Mac OS X
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Get Tube

Download and convert YouTube videos on Mac OS X
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Create animated GIFs easily on Mac OS X
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Create your own photos and music into videos.
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Google Earth

Interactive World Map for Mac OS X
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Google SketchUp

Intuitive 3D modeling program for Mac OS X
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HandBrake / MediaFork

Convert DVDs into video files on Mac OS X



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