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New Software

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Tether Free

Activate tethering (Modem) settings for iPhone via iTunes
Full a5969c75 bbc3 4052 a8dc 153f94512ea9


Well customized Twitter client for Mac OS X
Full 1f77f456 c655 4351 b2d4 a229058f9cba

mufin für iTunes

sound based Genius alternative for iTunes
Full e09db2e8 e473 40fc 944d 6fda256d9888

iPhone Konfigurationsprogramm

Integrate iPhone and iPod touch in the company-wide infrastructure (Enterprise Fea...
Full 46913b14 c987 437e b935 8f4b9a2b6c48

Pacemaker Editor

DJ Software for mixing on Mac OS X
Full 2c97d2ed da0c 486e b36f 1d821d363b41


Backup program and synchronization tool for Mac OS X
Full 655960d7 90ef 4bf3 9322 65c100dc7e73

Get Lyrical

Add lyrics automatically or manually in iTunes
Full 36e89403 22ce 4b78 b899 9ee58f859a3d

Art of Illusion

3D modeling and rendering- studio for Mac OS X
Full 9bed88c4 a681 447a bff9 e01fccafe090


Online Banking for Mac OS X
Full 5c4c12b6 8651 49f5 83a0 452cd61ba5f8


Create animated GIFs easily on Mac OS X
Full 46231036 15bf 4a31 93ab d788a21c96c8

Pod to Mac

Transfer music, images and videos from the iPod or iPhone to Mac
Full 0037a794 69d2 443d 8a0d e38776e09c55


Change backup behavior (time intervals) of Time Machine.
Full 2b9258be 1f90 4fbb 841c f55e23674ccd

Get Tube

Download and convert YouTube videos on Mac OS X
Full 3fce4765 1584 409c a1e1 dd9999dd0f5c

Frets on Fire

Guitar Hero for Mac OS X
Full b20fed51 9a2e 4f9a 9a6e d39f14540278


System- , graphics and hard drive tests ( benchmarks ) on Mac OS X
Full a2a90144 4c17 4d4c 8866 7b686981dff2

NetBeans IDE

Comprehensive Development Environment (IDE) for Mac OS X
Full 93e994d7 c057 43fd a965 1200c3550f66

Warzone 2100

Real-time strategy game in the 21st-century for Mac OS X
Full b348742c beb1 4c5a abb0 65703eed3f2d


Ego- shooter for Mac OS X
Full 620e9df3 574f 40bc a6ec 21686c41c943

Express Talk

SIP Softphone for Mac OS X
Full 876d8619 dd07 462e b5b6 6b738d79f86e

Tag Folders

File-Tagging in Finder- stile on Mac OS X
Full 5a64a7d2 385b 40f8 85a0 3ab082f67811


Analyze disk space utilization on Mac OS X
Full 62f6b34e a8db 4349 a787 48675e0e5794


Time tracking with iCal, Outlook and Google Sync
Full fdec6a2e 4142 4042 92aa bd849834aa86

iWeb SEO Tool

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for iWeb-sites
Full 2dbbc785 86e1 4ed2 9316 d492eacd5ce0


Simple diary software for Mac OS X



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