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New Software

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Red Eclipse

Open source first-person shooter with rapid gameplay for Mac OS X
Full b3257960 a1a1 401c 9747 7f1cf06eba65


Digital Memory for Mac, iPad and iPhone
Full 0f14f904 b249 4f53 8c97 7d609d641de8


Files automatically rename after cluster under Mac OS X
Full e3aa922d d591 4c60 821a c6527b9d81fc


Guard your Amazon wish list on Mac OS X
Full 0b441358 8d7c 4625 9303 84a52236b633


Convert addresses, texts, URLs and much more to QR codes / 2D barcodes on Mac OS X
Full 10c3e9d6 a6f3 4bb1 a749 2a530189d484


Notation software for guitars and other stringed instruments for Mac OS X
Full 16421dd5 6062 49d1 a049 5e91317e92e0

Regnum Online Warmasters

Fantasy 3D-Roleplay for Mac OS X
Full 9ad894c5 8a86 458e 8690 11ddcdb1614e

Sophos Anti Virus Home Edition

Complete protection against viruses, Trojans, and worms for Mac OS X
Full d3477ecb 3fd0 455f b504 06bb25cdb304


OpenPGP Package for Mac OS X
Full a1499e71 5683 4843 bb9d 2529cafa7306

Land Air Sea Warfare

Steer gigantic units and dominate the game on land, air and water on Mac OS X
Full e4855788 4207 4d49 863d 8aeb01343d20


The Internet Radio for Mac OS X
Full 04f8fcd4 61f2 4df6 9931 21902f2113a6

Notational Velocity

Easy notes program with coding for Mac OS X
Full 16c1a44a b179 4119 b797 61ac7d49a509


Save Popular web applications (Facebook, Twitter) as desktop applications on Mac OS X
Full d8323a17 566e 472a b95e 0fe4176344c0


Alternative Office Suite to OpenOffice from Oracle for Mac OS X
Full a3808837 78b3 4be6 928a 028f73b6febd

Savage XR

Real Time Strategy encounters ego shooter on Mac OS X
Full 4a75245c 5eee 461f 8210 4d140da62c85


Text editor based on Smultron for Mac OS X
Full 3d3d0977 e4b3 419f a38a 4c6c8196a472


Program launcher, search engine and calculator for Mac OS X
Full dda2143e cea8 4197 8958 28d70ad1898d

Skitch Lite

Take, edit and share screenshots with other on Mac OS X
Full 8e8deaa9 c8dc 4f9f aa0b 1f222e028191

Open Validator

Check websites on validity (ISO / IEC 23026-2006 (E)) and accessibility with Mac OS X
Full 38a92f2c 6440 4461 bcf0 996b06ea030c


Document (throwing ) points during the local darts game with Mac OS X
Full 7844d04e a8d3 4a13 8f5d dc765b01f498


Link-Checker for Mac OS X
Full e8ac5fbc 98e1 4f7f 9150 0abe79d8e58a


Empty the trash drive-depending on Mac OS X
Full 08cb3f04 1fd4 4503 96de 2459216b2f2f


Work easier and more efficiently with text blocks, excerpts and quotations on Mac ...
Full eff39d62 499e 4bd3 8890 b31c9e832c0f

Sequel Pro

Database management software for Mac OS X



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