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New Software

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Common PDF reader by Adobe.


Free Office alternative for Mac.
Full f5572ef6 1044 4c11 8b37 13df8ada491d


Share your screenshots and videos on a simple way.
Full f929cfd6 a279 4530 aa05 70f51e123cef


Save artikles and other literature for later and read it on any device.


Create your own websides with Apple iWeb.

Sky Go

Stream movies, series and sports on any device.


Watch movies and series online.

Amazon Prime

Fast shopping delivery, music and movie streaming in one account!


Watch movies and series online on all your devices.

Google Drive

Store and work with your files with the cloud system of google.
Full 40f79c03 8d97 473b 8845 ebdcef35e1e7


The easy way to create black and white pictures.
Full bf1a0e63 5590 479f a830 834df2cebd8b


Create your own photos and music into videos.
Full 3dd41d3d b1fc 4637 8ee6 6f1e6a9a2cad

Money Pro

Manage your finances like a professional.
Full 6bc82957 acc0 4518 93e6 c72396462896

Starcraft 2 - Starter Editon

Play the famous RTS by Blizzard Entertainment for free.
Full eeb30eb8 c1db 428c b9c2 c8ef06a384ca

1Password 5

Create strong passwords for every site.
Full a6fd1c71 9f0c 4316 857f fbb0f92899b8


Perform scripts or executables files remotly with your email.
Full 5dcaa75e b933 41f3 807e daae95288245


Picture converter for all common formats
Full ee7fd0f9 f9d9 48d4 bdda 4ca7ea9e07ea


Track the energy consumption of your home.

Heroes of the Storm

The new MOBA taking place in the universe of Blizzard Entertainment's games.
Full dfafcb71 e659 4b02 a1e0 f0156055fb40


An easy way to use Git and Mercurial.

World of Warcraft

Most poular mmorpg of the world.

Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft

Card-game taking place in the Warcraft universe


Intelligent web-development
Full 0ece550d f2b4 4412 b6d0 84cc842ff413


Using evernote on Mac without many additions.



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