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New Software


Optimize and enhance twitter experience with a client

Commander One

Filemanager for Mac OS X
Full 5ca96b6f 755b 4fb3 84df a5b947f8bfca


Listen to music, share playlists and discover new artists
Full 6d9a9cba 7c30 42f6 a80c 52ba0e67a471

JDownloader 2

JDownloader is a free, open-source download manager for all platforms.
Full 6cabbbf2 71e9 4781 92b0 74bfea269743


Kodi is a media system for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android and various other pla...
Full 0d66602b 0946 42c9 84f3 024afe004cce


Free Markdown editor with live preview and PDF export.
Full 4d3aff05 4a32 4552 9f82 196cbc98c859


Fix Incompatible Mac Mail plugins on Mac OS X
Full 653f403b 227d 4a20 bc5a 96451d0a15f2

Red Crucible 2

Action-packed online ego shooter for Mac OS X
Full 385a704d c1c3 4454 a75e e40cb23719b8


Simple menu bar extension for Mac OS X
Full 4984e9d1 e9ba 4d46 94f7 632969bdb15c


Shortcuts, every program ta one glance for Mac OS X
Full 555b9e07 b890 49e2 9145 a9edcc9ab740


The smart address book extension (XING, Twitter, Facebook) for Mac OS X
Full 1fc4126e aae3 49a2 bdca 1c45a42b1efc


Small pastime with high addictivity for Mac OS X
Full 9f4830b0 1cab 4ca4 b4df 518ef5807189


The classic billiards for Mac OS X
Full 575abc67 0dc8 4163 8888 2f1d6c98f9d0

Avira Free Mac Security

Security on the Mac for Mac OS X
Full c43ce8cd 15fd 434c b882 f64653641f54


Finger skateboard via touch pad for Mac
Full 584af2e2 5708 49aa ae97 035143e693c3


Online telephony with excellent voice quality for Mac OS X
Full e23fb47e 2519 4d15 b35f eff08997f97f

avast! Free Antivirus

Virus and spyware protection for Mac OS X
Full c26f110e db17 4261 b7ba 0f62d08ce980


Powerful Cloud Manager (S3 cloud services) for Mac OS X

123D Make

Let 3D graphics become reality with Mac OS X.
Full 74f1f19a 23e8 4267 ad4b 5fa521501a37

Moonlight Mahjong

The iPhone classic for Mac.
Full 8ae0509b c876 4f23 bca4 022252d9ca75

Treasure Defense

Simple tower defense game for in between on Mac OS X
Full a4cf15f4 0222 4534 87c1 563025f7cb92

Virtual City Playground

Build your dream city with Mac OS X
Full 8b479f61 2538 47a0 979a 6dabe5d77d3e


Print pictures with Mac OS X.
Full dd47c202 95cb 4381 8f3d d3a124338d64

Simple HTTP Server

Share simple web pages and files via the local network under Mac OS X



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